March 16, 2021 | Weekly Roundup

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I will be posting weekly roundup announcements here. These posts are focusing on what is happening in this writer’s life. Each week will feature the devotions and feature articles at Damascus Way Recovery, Apologetic Essays at Mormon Apologia, and articles posted here at my main website. The overall goal is to share with my readers the variety of writings I am engaged with. Along with these announcements, I will include the progress of two novels that are undergoing rewrites and editing.

First, if you are not aware there are two main Facebook Pages I manage. One page is dedicated to Damascus Way Recovery and provides links to the daily devotions and articles from the main website. It also includes discussions of recovery, sobriety, faith, and spiritual growth related to a mindful Christian perspective. Second page is one I had started many years ago and that is Timothy R. Berman. This page is for a place to discuss what is happening with regard to blogging, writing, and does include posts from all three websites that are managed. Click on the links, like the pages, and engage in discussing the articles and keep up to date with what is going on.

Next, here are some posts from this past week at this website. There are two aspects regarding this website. The first is sharing my own personal insights on developing 8 key strategies for effective and efficient mindful creative writing. Along with this there will be 52 weeks of writing prompts and challenges for those interested in writing. These writing prompts and challenges are to encourage those seeking ways to engage in blogging (whether one is a beginner or seasoned blogger). Or, if you prefer to journal instead of writing and publishing. Overall objective is to engage in a more mindful approach to journaling and writing.

Included is the premium content of the first chapter to my Work in Progress: Kiss Me Goodbye. A hard-boiled detective and speculative fiction series and up coming novel.


  • 8 Key Strategies for Effective Mindful Writing: Writing with Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency
    Think about some of the articles that have inspired you. Some of the stories you’ve read. What emotions came up as you’ve read them? How powerful were the words to evoke such emotions and thoughts? Did it challenge your present beliefs and values? What impact did that have on you as a person? Without honesty, our writing will be flat and ineffective in influencing and impacting other people.
  • Weekly Mindful Journaling Challenge #7: On The Miracle of Forgiveness
    We come to accept the good, the bad, the ugly, and the indifference of our own sense of being. There is a stark contrast between love and hate. Either we love ourselves, love others, and have a love for life; or, we hate ourselves, hate others, and hate our lives. Love and hate are polar opposites. Where there is genuine love hate has no room to grow. Where there is hate there is no real genuine love. This is true with genuine and mindful forgiveness.
  • 8 Key Strategies for Effective Mindful Writing: Strategic Note Taking
    The ability to mindfully and critically read information is to objectively learn new ideas and concepts. To accurately take notes is to translate what you have gained insight on and share that with others. What you do not want to do is to develop content that is merely copy-and-paste of other peoples writings. This is only done when you are quoting from another person.
  • Weekly Mindful Journaling Challenge #6: On Being Happy
    One of the key observations that link mindfulness, meditation, and happiness is this: The ability to regulate and manage our emotions. It is one of the mainstay recommendations and truths I share with my patients when sitting in counsel with them. We either are learning how our emotions work so that we are adequate in managing them. Or, we are giving ourselves permissibly over to our emotions so that they manage us and our lives.
  • 8 Key Strategies for Effective Mindful Writing: Strategic Research
    One of the desired outcomes of strategic content writing and publishing is the ability to think critically. Not only to think critically, but to be able to think mindfully, critically, and creatively. The ability to bring relevant content that is impacting, influential, and engaging begins when we are capable of generating content that provides solutions o specific issues. At the same time, determining which solution is the more practical one for our readers.
  • Weekly Mindful Journaling Challenge #5: Listen to Your Body Talk
    When we are sick, unhealthy, and feeling less than adequate – we suffer depression, anxiety, and even spiritual deprivation (meaning, lack of meaning and purpose – feeling unfulfilled). Any casual research will show that there is a definitive link between unhealthy eating habits, sleep, and depression and anxiety.
  • 8 Key Strategies for Effective Mindful Writing: Efficient and Effective Time Management
    Time management is fluid and flexible and is not a cookie-cutter strategy. The challenge is to find the one system that is going to work for you in the long run.

Another announcement is that Damascus Way Recovery has good devotionals for meditating. These are designed to challenge, inspire, and help with your own personal spiritual growth. Here are some of the devotionals published within the past week.

  • by Timothy Berman
    I need to know this when I wonder whether or not my pursuit of Godliness is worth the cost. It always is. I may not see it right away, however, I will eventually see it. God has never withheld blessing from anyone whose heart was humble, contrite, and lowly before Him. Never. That would contradict […]
  • by Timothy Berman
    One hinderance, I have found, to a fruitful life of prayer is approaching God on the wrong basis. He is often portrayed in my mind as a debtor- God owes me blessings – as if He is obligated to care for me regardless of my attitude. It's true that He promises to care for each […]
  • by Timothy Berman
    This psalm provides wisdom to change my attitudes. It shows the way out of the wilderness of misery and discontentment. Instead of affirming my areas of need, it turns my focus to those blessings I've already received. It tells me to acclaim Him, to verbally acknowledge who He is. When I do, His presence becomes […]
  • by Timothy Berman
    With my natural eyes, I often see my struggles as huge obstacles and my chances of overcoming them as slim. I am easily overwhelmed. I know my limitations, and God's omnipotence seems distant. When I acclaim Him, as the psalm says, I shed those earthbound illusions. My worship brings me into the light of His […]
  • by Timothy Berman
    Think about your emotional tendencies. Don't most of our behavioral problems and psychological flaws come from an insecurity deep within? Yet if we, the redeemed, were thoroughly convinced of God's love – the unflinching goodness which He has shown us since the dawn of creation – then we would lose the basis of nearly every […]
  • by Timothy Berman
    How is it that my words do not give Him the glory due His name? how is it that I do not verbally credit Him with every blessing? Perhaps I don't want to sound overly pious. Perhaps I've noticed how obnoxious our society perceives people who constantly speak of God. I've allowed present cultural influence […]
  • by Timothy Berman
    In my own spiritual journey – I have found that deliverance comes twice. First, a worshipful heart has risen above oppressive circumstances, even when those circumstances remain. It is an inward liberation that I find deep joy regardless of what's happening on the outside. Secondly, a resolved, singing heart finds deliverance in a God who […]

Regarding my website Mormon Apologia the content is directed more toward apologetics concerning the Latter-day Saint Christian Faith. These are more of an academic and expository type of writings.

  • by Timothy R. Berman
    The greatest desire is for us to attain a high level of masculinity that is influential, impacting, and inspiring. By becoming a man of influence we are cultivating a true attribute of Christ-like integrity. This significant attribute provides a means by which we are able to influence our family, workplace, and community at large.
  • by Timothy R. Berman
    True repentance, living the Gospel of Christ, experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit, and being transformed into Christ's image and likeness is a process we all experience in this life. In order for this to occur, we are asked to do three powerful things.
  • by Timothy R. Berman
    Because grief may be powerful and overwhelming, many of us have attempted to avoid experiencing it. This may come when we experience a sense that our faith is lacking in God. However, our Savior understands the depths of our own sorrows. It is the cost of our love toward other people. And it is sadly […]
  • by Timothy R. Berman
    We stand a little taller against the growing wave of immorality. We stand a little taller in the spirit of truth and light that is Jesus Christ. We stand with bold and resilient faith and courage to be the light by which those truly seeking refuge and sanctuary are able to come into the fold […]
  • by Timothy R. Berman
    It is arguably evident that SpaniardVIII makes it so evidently clear that they have absolutely no clue as to what they are attempting conclude.
  • by Timothy R. Berman
    True spiritual disciplines of a mindful Christian life focuses on the purpose of Godliness within our hearts, minds, soul, and body. It is the true foundation of an authentic Christian faith. One that is exemplified within the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. It is these spiritual disciplines that one seeks to attain salvation and […]
  • by Timothy R. Berman
    He that followeth me, walketh not in darkness  ~ 1 John 8:12, KJV ~ Read: Genesis 1-2:25; Psalm 1:1-6; Proverbs 1:1-7; and Matthew 1:1-25 These are the words of Christ, by which we are admonished , how we ought to imitate His life and manners, if we will be truly enlightened, and be delivered from… […]


Mourning Ellyn – reprint edition in progress

In the early to late 1990’s and then early 2000’s I had completed my first every manuscript. This manuscript focused on a love story of a husband and wife. And I had received some exciting news that it would actually be going through a final editing process, proofread, and then published. Not all things work out according to plan. It was an unfortunate flop that had placed quite a disappointment and resentment. Not only did it go through any final editing and proofreading process. The publishing company I had aligned with was taken over by another person. She apparently engaged in fraudulent behavior. I received a total of 10 hard copy books. When I reviewed them, the pagination was off, format was not desirable, and it retained no final editing or proofreading.

Every so often I will check to see if there is an available copy of it at Amazon. And sometimes there is. For instance – it is now apparently a collectible and one copy is available for purchase: $257.58

Can love transcend all things, even beyond the grave? Mourning Ellyn is Timothy Berman’s debut novel about one man’s journey in understanding the impact his wife had on his life. While Jaymes grips with the reality of his wife’s death, he succumbs to the destructive behaviors he had once conquered. Attempting to make sense of the reasons why he is faced to walk a dark road alone, he begins to contemplate the spiritual.

I have two copies of the original published novel in my possession. I had given one copy over to my father and other family members. So, instead of rewriting this debut novel, I am going through and editing it and will hopefully have a more updated reprinted edition. In addition to these two copies, I still have the original manuscript draft that has survived many different moves and relocations.

kiss me goodbye – 2019 nanowrimo challenge

The second work in progress is my National Novel Writing Month Challenge for 2019. While I did not get to the 50,000 word mark. I did manage to complete this challenge. Several attempts to write something each year only failed because I abandoned the attempt within a few weeks of the challenge.

For those of you who are not familiar with NANOWRIMO – it is a spirited writing challenge to produce a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

National Novel Writing Month began in 1999 as a daunting but straightforward challenge: to write 50,000 words of a novel in thirty days. Now, each year on November 1, hundreds of thousands of people around the world begin to write, determined to end the month with 50,000 words of a brand new novel. They enter the month as elementary school teachers, mechanics, or stay-at-home parents. They leave novelists.

This is a definite challenge for those who want to make an attempt in writing a novel. It is fun, it is a whole community, and there are even write-ins being hosted during this event. Unfortunately, last years challenge and Covid-19 prevented such in-person write-ins from happening. And I unfortunately did not have an opportunity to participate in NANOWRIMO 2020. I am hoping to participate this year.

So, what was my meager 45,000 word novel? Kiss Me Goodbye is a hard-boiled detective noir set in Seattle, Washington. The era is the 1930’s. What makes this a type of speculative fiction is that while it is in the era of the early 20th century, a reader finds modern technology as part of the character’s lifestyle. Smartphones, apps, social media, computers, and other such technological advancement. The main backdrop of this story involves the opioid pandemic (which coincidentally was part of the early 20th century when Morphine was more commonly abused and Heroin used instead of Opiate pain medication).

My inspiration comes from such works as that of Mickey Spillane and the Mike Hammer character. Dashielle Hammet’s works, Raymond Chandler, and other such notable authors.

A triple-shot anthology featuring the first three Mike Hammer novels—from the undisputed master of detective fiction.
Available through my Amazon Associates Affiliate by clicking the above image. Your purchase provides a small commission to help support this website

Short, thick-bodied, mulishly stubborn, and indifferent to physical pain, Dashiell Hammett’s Continental Op was the prototype for generations of tough-guy detectives.
Available through my Amazon Associates Affiliate by clicking the above image. Your purchase provides a small commission to help support this website

A wave of babynappings has terrified parents from San Diego to Portland. And when the Pied Piper — named for the penny flute he leaves in the cribs of his victims — claims his first Seattle infant, the investigation draws in homicide detective Lou Boldt.
Available through my Amazon Associates Affiliate by clicking the above image. Your purchase provides a small commission to help support this website

You can read the first chapter Mysterious Femme Fatale. This is a premium content so it does require a monthly subscription to access. This also gives you access to the first chapter to Mourning Ellyn when that is completed and published here.


There are several ways you are able to partner and help support me. As a writer – we all need support from our readers. Such encouragement matters. Here are the ways you may want to consider:

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One of the major projects I am developing and working to launch is a podcast for Damascus Way Recovery. This podcast will feature daily devotions as well as weekly inspiring messages on recovery, faith, and growing into a more mindful Christian way of living life. I have already connected with a podcast host and am working out ways to develop the content for audio. Along with these podcasts, I will also record video’s of the same messages for my YouTube Channel. I already have some content posted there.

As I continue to strive in providing inspirational, thought-provoking, and edifying articles – I hope you are able to connect with me, comment, share, and subscribe. Your support matters and I appreciate the time you invest in reading my content.

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