Spiritual Wisdom, Insight, and Growth – Damascus Way Recovery

Of the variety of scripture passages that I have come to love Romans 12:1-3 is of the most significant. This passage consistently reminds me of three things. First, it reminds me that my life is to be a living sacrifice unto my Heavenly Father. Second, through this process of being a living sacrifice, I am able to that which is good by the transformation and renewing of my thoughts upon the things of God. Third, it reminds me that Heavenly Father’s grace is not just given unto me – it is given unto everyone of us. Not only that, it is also a reminder to maintain a spirit of humility by not being caught up in the spirit of haughtiness. It is also a call for me to be sober minded in my thoughts and relationship with other people. As every true Christian comes to know and understand – spiritual growth and maturation is a process and personal journey. [ READ MORE HERE ]