Weekly Mindful Journaling Challenge #6: On Being Happy

One of the key observations that link mindfulness, meditation, and happiness is this: The ability to regulate and manage our emotions. It is one of the mainstay recommendations and truths I share with my patients when sitting in counsel with them. We either are learning how our emotions work so that we are adequate in managing them. Or, we are giving ourselves permissibly over to our emotions so that they manage us and our lives.

8 Key Strategies for Effective Mindful Writing: Strategic Research

One of the desired outcomes of strategic content writing and publishing is the ability to think critically. Not only to think critically, but to be able to think mindfully, critically, and creatively. The ability to bring relevant content that is impacting, influential, and engaging begins when we are capable of generating content that provides solutions o specific issues. At the same time, determining which solution is the more practical one for our readers.

March 23, 2021 | Weekly Round Up

This is the second weekly round up regarding some writing, and blogging, that I have done at my various websites. From daily devotions, entering into a first every short story contest, to working on two WIP’s for publication, and even producing some apologetic articles on religion.

8 Key Strategies for Effective Mindful Writing: Establishing Initial Disciplines

Developing the right type of attitude will determine whether or not the reader will understand the message. This fits within our clear understanding and purpose of writing. As writing is a passionate form of communication and expression. If our writing is vague, lacking any supportive evidence, or poorly constructed, then the attitude may come across as being lazy and slothful. If our writing comes across with strong language that is vitriolic we may risk causing our readers to be offended and even communicate defensively (think about some of the social media commentary going on regarding particular hot topic content). It is our disciplined goal to be objective, while remaining passionate, regarding particular subjects.

Sweet Kiss of Merlot | Vocal Media

I decided to write a short story for a challenge at Vocal Media for the Dream Date Challenge short story contest. The idea is to write a 600-2000 word short story about a first date where a glass of Merlot is featured in the story. Check this short love story out – Sweet Kiss of…

March 16, 2021 | Weekly Roundup

I will be posting weekly roundup announcements here. These posts are focusing on what is happening in this writer’s life. Each week will feature the devotions and feature articles at Damascus Way Recovery, Apologetic Essays at Mormon Apologia, and articles posted here at my main website. The overall goal is to share with my readers the variety of writings I am engaged with. Along with these announcements, I will include the progress of two novels that are undergoing rewrites and editing.