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Please donate to this GoFundMe Campaign

I have the privilege working with people as a Chemical Dependency Professional for the past 5 years. It was challenging to complete my Associates Degree and now, I am looking to advance my career, not for my own sake, for the sake of my patients and the agency I am working for.


(1) I am the Alcohol/Drug and Suboxone Outpatient Coordinator
(2) Will be certified in MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) to hopefully work with King County Drug Court Patients
(3) Have worked for Therapeutic Health Services for over 4 years in assisting this agency in meeting the needs of those marginalized, struggling with moderate to severe Opiate substance use disorder, assisting patients in being connected with housing (due to homelessness).
(4) Strong reputation with various municipal, district courts, attorney’s, and probation officers regarding patient treatment attendance and compliance

What I am raising funds for:

Raising money to  complete a Bachelor’s Degree program with Southern New Hampshire University  The program tuition and fees are $960  per class. I have 42 more credits to complete in order to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services – Substance Abuse.

The goal is to enroll and start classes in September.  The estimated total cost is estimated to be 2000.00 per quarter and will be completed within 8 months.

What a Bachelor’s Degree will mean for me: 

(1) Increase my pay rate at present job (currently starting at 45K per year with a Bachelor’s)

(2) Qualify for me to apply for a Treatment Supervisory Position (which may mean an additional pay increase and it is Salary)

(3) Allowance to work toward completing a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling  in order to apply for a certification as a Mental Health Counselor with Chemical Dependency Credentials

(a) Completing the above Masters Degree will place me in a position for another pay increase and be qualified to work with co-occurring/dual diagnosis patients and allow me to start my own private practice to work with families and individuals from a mental health and chemical dependency perspective

My overall goal is to do a dual enrollment where I work to complete the remaining 42 credits for the Bachelor’s and then work toward completing the Master’s Degree.

What your donation means:

This is not just an investment in assisting me in advancing a chosen career (that I believe is a calling for me) – It is investing in the lives of many people who are broken, hurting, and in need of guidance and motivation for change.

Your donation is helping individuals seeking professional help for addiction, depression, anxiety, child-hood trauma, families struggling with addiction impact, guidance, counsel, and healing.

Deadline to raise initial funds:

I am hoping to be able to raise at least 3000.00 by the start of the new Quarter for SNHU to start two classes.

I appreciate any amount given to assist me in achieving my educational and career goals.

Giving Back to the Community:

As part of my funding campaign, I am going to provide a charitable contribution of 10% of all money raised to be donated to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

This means, if I raise the full 6,000.00 for my tuition expenses, I will make a contribution of 600.00 to help this wonderful organization. If I raise 2000.00, 200.00 of it will be donated.

This is my way to show appreciation for those who are supporting me and helping me make an impact on the lives of individuals to improve their own quality of life.

Please donate to this GoFundMe Campaign

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