Kiss Me Goodbye – Detective Noir

Kiss Me Goodbye

A Steele and Savage
Speculative Detective Noir

People are overdosing and their bodies have been turning up all over Seattle. The residents are scared. Opioid epidemic on the rise, crime prevalent, and a city council that appears complicit in their duties as they tie the hands of the Seattle Police Department.

Roman Steele is a head-strong aging private detective with a fondness for romance. He doesn’t know it yet but he is the only one who can stop the corruption and prevalent over doses that are occurring in Seattle.

His old friend, Derick Stolsky, called upon him to return to Seattle and help with a missing person case. As Roman Steele closes in on the identity of the missing person his long time friend and retired homicide detective is found dead at a diner. A death ruled as an overdose.

Detective Steele finds himself thrown into the center of an investigation where he is reunited with his ex-wife, Georgia Sweet. Her connection to the Mayor and the city council exposes deep roots of corruption. Does this have to do with the increase of Opioids and overdose deaths?

His only clue is a silver blade found at the diner where Stolsky had died.

The courageous and voluptuous Shania Savage enlists his help to solve both cases. Can Savage help Steele overcome his alcohol addiction and find the answers before other people fall victim to the poison and corruption that plagues the city? Will she be able to reach into the depths of his lonely soul? Or will Roman Steele kiss her goodbye?

Chapter one – a mysterious femme fatale