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Welcome to Timothy R. Berman: A personal website where essays on politics, religion, philosophy, life, and social issues will be published. Majority of the content published are original and unique.

This website is a unique resource. The aim is to offer unique and important perspective on social and political issues, provide inspiration, and empower people for personal and professional growth. Offer original comment and research in the areas of life, philosophy, religion, politics, parenting, addiction, and homelessness. The objective is to assist readers to live more mindfully, engage in critical thinking, and enhance awareness regarding pressing social and political issues.

Comments and ongoing discussions are always welcome. Please refer to the comment guidelines prior to engaging in the discussion.

On Politics: With the modern American society and how Government has an impact on individual lives, these informative Op-Ed articles will provide insight in how rights are obtained, the government’s role in securing and protecting those rights, and how this relates in a modern global social context. Along with understanding the limited role government is supposed to play in securing and protecting individual rights, essays will also explore some of the controversial political subjects. Whether concerning local, state, and national politics; essays will also explore international and global politics.

On Religion: In American society, religion has become quite a hot topic. From Christianity, Judaism, and Islam; these essays will reflect the nature and purpose religion plays a role in culture and society. Reflections on the common themes within various religions thoughts, to exploring differences between religions. How they influence and empower individuals.

On Life and Philosophy: Life truly is a beautiful motion. How do we view life? How are we able to live a meaningful and purposeful life? Here, essays will explore the nature of life, the purpose of life, and how we are capable of finding meaning in relation to our own cultural identity as an American society. This includes parenting, family, education, and health and wellness.

On Social Issues: There is no doubt we are living in a time where there seems to be derision, advancement in technology, and sense of awareness in our society today. There are pressing issues to address, current issues that fold within the political and religious arena. Addressing social issues in a pragmatic way is the most important purpose of drawing attention and call to action.

Personal Thoughts and Musings: Along with the political, religious, philosophical, and social issues; articles will have a personal component to them. These focus on my own journey through life. Anecdotal stories of inspiration, spiritual insights from scriptures, and personal reflections.

The minimum support of $2.00 a month is a reasonable contribution. I average approximately 4-5 posts per week, and spend approximately 15-20 hours a week researching and developing original and unique content.

I don’t carry ads or sponsorship, therefore, I am asking for donations to assist in covering the costs related to maintaining this website; as well as remunerating me for the time I put into work on the website. This may be as much as 15 to 20 hours per week.


The contents published on this website are for general information only and are not intended to be a substitute for any professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are in need of professional help and guidance, there are several community resources an individual is able to connect with. Seek out professional advice and counsel.

All content written by contributing writer’s are from their own perspective and understanding and reflect no official statement or position of any one faith, religion, endorsement of any fellowship group, or other organization.

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Timothy R. Berman - Blog Directory OnToplist.com